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Glossary of Terms - Access Control

Intercom installation


A means of preventing the sharing of an access control credential. Anti-passback can be based upon disabling a credential for a period of time after it is used, or by remembering the credential holder’s in/out status.


The measurement of a physical trait that is unique, such as a fingerprint, hand geometry or iris pattern. In access control, this is used to identify authorized users and to grant or deny access.

CAT 5:

A very common cable type that consists of several twisted pairs in an overall protective jacket. Used for network cabling and many access control data functions.

Circuit closed:

An electrical circuit in which current normally flows until interrupted by the opening of a switch-type electronic component. (2) A circuit or switch in which the contacts are open during normal operations.

Circuit, open:

An electrical circuit in which current does not flow until permitted by the opening of a switch or a switch-type electronic component. A circuit or switch in which the contacts are closed during normal operations.


Electrically conductive points, or sell points, are used to make or break an electrical circuit mechanically.Controller,

Control Panel:

A circuit board or group of circuit boards that contain programming for the operation of access control or another system.

Electric Strike:

A door unlocking device that is installed in the door jamb and that works in conjunction with a mechanical lock or latch mechanism.

Electrified Lock:

A mechanical locking device that has been modified to allow an electric circuit to lock or unlock it.

Electromagnetic Lock (Magnetic Lock, Mag Lock):

A device that locks/unlocks an opening without moving parts, using pure electromagnetic attraction


An electric lock that automatically unlocks with any power interruptions.


An electric lock that requires power to unlock. (Most fail secure devices are always unlocked for egress, however.)


A common access card technology, proximity uses radio frequency to communicate between a card or tag and a reader without physical contact.


A device that obtains data from an access credential (card, tag, etc.) and send the data to a controller for an access decision. (Some units combine reader and controller in one device.)

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